WELCOME TO DDI Construction, LLC:

We may be a demolition, construction and restoration company, but our philosophy towards customer service defines who we are. At DDI Construction, LLC we believe that completing the job on-time and on-budget with minimal surprises to the client is what keeps our customers happy and helps our business grow. modern office interior

OFFICE, INDUSTRIAL, RETAIL AND MULTI-FAMILY TENANT IMPROVEMENTS: DDI Construction, LLC has extensive experience in multi-tenant office, industrial, retail and multi-family properties. We have been involved with over 1,500 lease transactions and 100's of properties throughout Metro Denver over the last 12 years. Over the years, we have seen it all. If you are considering buying a property and have it under contract, please call us before closing, so we can tell you what some of the hidden costs may be when it comes time to close the transaction and start redeveloping the project. We can also help you ballpark the costs before you start spending $1,000's of dollars on architectural and engineering fees. concrete floor after grinding and polishing concrete grinding for new finishes

RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL DEMOLITION: From tearing out a few walls in the basement to scraping an entire house, DDI Construction, LLC can do the work quickly and efficiently. We have the expertise to get over all of the hurdles that come up when your want to tear down a house; including the 35 steps necessary to scrape a house within the City and County of Denver. We either have the experts on staff, or we can bring on additional resources to meet specific job's specical requirements and schedule. Please note we are willing to work 24/7 in order to minimize the disturbance to your existing tenants and surrounding businesses and/or neighbors. interior office demolition

From 500 square feet to 500,000 square feet, DDI Construction, LLC can tear out the old finish and reconfigure the space to meet your next tenant's specific requirements on time and on budget. We specialize in short turn-around time and are willing to staff the job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if that is what is required to meet your deadline. The sooner the demo and tenant finish is done, the sooner you can start cashing rent checks. Trashed Interior

FORECLOSURE & REO CLEAN-OUT: If a tenant, homeowner, or investor has moved out of your project in the middle of the night after thoroughly trashing the property, we can quickly dispatch a crew to secure the property and begin clean-up. We also have the professionals on staff to make the necessary repairs to fully restore the premises so that you can limit your down time and expense. The faster you get the property cleaned-up and restored to move-in condition, the faster you can cut your losses and get it re-leased.